Walk Down The Lane

http://calauctioncompany.com/?fbclid=IwAR2s5IFLE51__69Gx63RyT0kCCI_RYvfd8ebN_C3ivW4FGvLx322IyUF4lY My grandparents lived on a farm.  Between the barn and the garden, was a lane that led to a field in the back of their property.  When I was a girl and had something on my mind, my grandmother would say, “Let’s take a walk down the lane and talk it over.” So, shall we take a walk down the lane together?

go now This is a picture of the actual lane on my grandparent’s farm taken in July of 2014.

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More Help This picture of the lane was taken in September of 2016 when I visited Indiana to meet my first grandchild.  This shot was taken from the road.  We were actually walking down the lane when I took the photo above.

This picture of the lane was taken on 12/31/17.

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