Coming In November 2018!

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where to buy modafinil singapore It’s a scary proposition for someone who’s known primarily as a children’s book author, to publish writing for adults.  But that’s what I will be doing very soon. “Coffee Without A Cup” is my first e-offering on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  It’s not a novel, but rather a 6000 word Christian story about love and loss and healing.

All of us have lost someone close to us at one time or another. When that happens, there are people in our lives who step forward to help us through those very difficult times.  One of my trusted readers asked me if “Coffee Without A Cup” was also a love story.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.

From “Coffee Without A Cup”:

He looked into my eyes with his warm caring ones and said, “Janie, the love we have for other people continues on. We may lose people, but the love they have shown us stays with us forever. Your parents may be in heaven now, but God will send other people who will step forward to provide the love and support you need. You have to be able to accept that love and help.” Perhaps Tom Yeager was one of those people my grandfather was talking about that day?

Look for “Coffee Without A Cup” by Thanksgiving of 2018!

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