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(2009) Coronally advanced flap with and without vertical releasing incisions forthe treatment of multiple gingival recessions: A comparative controlled randomizedclinical trial. However, in patients with culture-negative disease, a trendtoward younger age, lower body temperature, leukocyte counts, and C-reactive protein(CRP) values on admission, a milder clinical course, shorter hospital stay, and betterprognosis have been consistently reported [34–36]. Cholesterol Treatment Trialists’ (CTT) Collaborators,Mihaylova B, Emberson J, Blackwell L, et al

Cholesterol Treatment Trialists’ (CTT) Collaborators,Mihaylova B, Emberson J, Blackwell L, et al.

Wu Y Fu Y, Zheng L, Lin G, Ma J, Lou J, Zhu H, He Q, Yang B (2014) Nutlin-3 inhibits epi-thelial-mesenchymal transition by interfering with canonical transforming growth factor?1-Smad-Snail/Slug axis. In our contemporary era reliable medications buy priligy usa where large mental hospitals arenow extinct, the narrative of loss and difference is preserved in the status of becoming a patient.This is clearly expressed by Barham and Hayward (1991: 2), who note that people who receive adiagnosis of schizophrenia tend to be viewed as ‘lost to the disorder’. The outermost of these continues more posteriorlyinto the choroid and is referred to as the tensor muscle ofthe choroid. The more sinister side of metals is another importantpart of their history.

This is a reflection of interstitial growth by the nucleus, and the cytoplasm is evident. “Aspirin upsets my stomach, so I quit taking it.”2

“Aspirin upsets my stomach, so I quit taking it.”2. It is impor-tant to remember that not all convulsions are caused byepileptic seizures. A diuretic increases the excretion of urine reliable medications buy priligy usa putting theentire urinary system into overdrive, which is not good for the kidneys or forsodium and potassium levels. Proceedings of the international consensus on periprostheticjoint infection

Proceedings of the international consensus on periprostheticjoint infection. Ten of these patients (10 of 11 reliable medications buy priligy usa 90.9%) had arelapse-free survival, and 7 of 11 (63.6%) had an infection-free survival of ?2 years.

There is, however, nodoubt that inadequate humidi?cation may leadto progressive airway dysfunction and systemiceffects, depending on the degree of underhu-midi?cation and coolness, the exposure time,and the underlying disease. Near their termination, the straight tubulesnarrow, and their lining changes toasimple cuboidal epithelium.The straight tubules empty into the rete testis, a complexseries of interconnecting channels within the highly vascularconnective tissue of the mediastinum (Fig

Near their termination, the straight tubulesnarrow, and their lining changes toasimple cuboidal epithelium.The straight tubules empty into the rete testis, a complexseries of interconnecting channels within the highly vascularconnective tissue of the mediastinum (Fig. Periodic complete blood count (CBC) is necessary, asthere may be agranulocytosis

Periodic complete blood count (CBC) is necessary, asthere may be agranulocytosis. Th estudent-provider in the first scenario treats the delivery room as she would any othersetting. Vertebroplasty was first introduced inFrance in 1984 and used as a technique to treat symptom-atic vertebral hemangiomas (Galibert et al., 1987).

Since morality is an abstract concept, it canbe derived only by pure practical reason, not emotion, feeling, tradition, or conse-quences of following moral imperatives.

In addition, they required the use of x-ray films,which needed to be read, stored, and later disposed of safely.To address these issues, miniaturized versions of mac-roarrays, “microarrays,” were developed. Newer, acute asthma in children (Ho et al

Newer, acute asthma in children (Ho et al. (2006) The natural historyof primary lateral sclerosis. Provide a quiet environment so patient may rest.3

Provide a quiet environment so patient may rest.3. The removed nail was sent for microbiologicalculture of the sonicated fluid. ( d) Transverse CT image in the same patient as in Cshows an oval fatty lesion with a hyperattenuating rim ( short arrow )corresponding to hypoechoic halo on US reliable medications buy priligy usa adjacent to the sigmoid colonwithout wall thickening. Contraction of thedsmooth muscleocoat during ejaculationtforces the secretions of the seminal svesicles into (the)ejaculatory iducts. In support of this con-cept is the finding that dense bodies, although frequently ap-pearing as small, isolated, irregular, electron-dense bodies, mayalso appear as irregular linear structures. The second aspect of this study was the possible elimination ofstandard procedures for these types of brain metastasis and their replacement with ACT.Normally, there is brain surgery of radiosurgery to remove the tumor mass and then whole-brain radiation therapy. In animal model systems, tumor regressionhas been observed and this has opened up important avenues for anticancer therapy[ 170]. When there is diffuse injury, the monitoris usually placed in the nondominant hemisphere. This would be the case, forexample, in an experiment in which treatment is provided to the experimental group andis not provided to the control group. Successful protective and repair mechanismsmay explain why some HIV-infected individuals arespared from CNS injury and neurocognitive impairment.While the widespread use of cART since the mid-1990s has led to a decline in the most severe neurologiccomplications of HIV reliable medications buy priligy usa including dementia, HIV-infectedindividuals continue to experience mild and moderatelysevere forms of nervous system diseases.

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There is a long-standing tradition of military service in my family. My grandfather, father, and uncles all served, as did my brother, Jeff. Currently, I have a cousin in the Marine Corps. As you can imagine, I have a soft spot for veterans and a great appreciation for their service.  We have our flag out today in their honor.

My brother had a great smile.  I asked him one 

time why he looked so stern in his U.S. Army 

photograph.  He said they told him not to smile.

Today is Veteran’s Day. It was originally called “Armistice Day” and was a United States legal holiday to honor the end of World War I on November 11, 1918.

In 1954, after World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress amended the Act of 1938 by changing the word “Armistice” to “Veterans.” This legislation was approved on June 1, 1954, and then November 11th became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.

Since Veterans Day 2018 falls on Sunday, November 11th, the holiday will be observed on Monday, November 12th. Since Veterans Day is a federal holiday, government offices and post offices will be closed, and there will be no mail delivery. Schools have the option of remaining open, but most schools will be closed on Veterans Day.

Not only are America’s national parks open on November 11th for Veterans Day, but Veterans Day is one of four days each year that they offer free admission. The other three days were January 15th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, April 21st: First day of National Park Week, and September 22nd: National Public Lands Day.

Many restaurants will offer free meals and deals to veterans. Here is a list of participating restaurants (from the website) for Veterans Day 2018:

Applebee’s-Hopes to serve 1 million free meals to veterans, offering full-sized entrees from eight popular menu items, including a bacon cheeseburger, a 6-ounce sirloin, fiesta lime chicken, and three-cheese chicken penne.

Denny’s-From 5 a.m. until noon on Monday, veterans and active duty military can build their own grand slam meal for free.
Buffalo Wild Wings-On Nov. 11, the chain is offering a free small order of wings and fries to armed service members. You can choose either traditional or boneless.

Chili’s-On Sunday, military can choose from one of seven entrees, ranging from burgers to chicken crispers to quesadillas.

Dunkin’-The chain formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a free doughnut on Nov. 11 to veterans and active duty military. It’s also offering a month’s worth of K-Cup coffee pods to a dozen franchisees who have served the country and will surprise other military members with a coffee shipment as well.

Little Caesar’s-Come in between 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on the 11th for a free Hot-N-Ready lunch combo, which includes four slices of pepperoni pizza and a 20-ounce drink.

Starbucks-Swing by Starbucks for a free tall hot brewed coffee on the 11th.

California Pizza Kitchen-Veterans will get a free meal on Sunday, choosing from six popular pizzas, four full-sized salads or three pasta dishes. They’ll also walk out with a buy-one-get-one-free coupon, which can be used from the 12th through the 18th.

Cracker Barrel-They’ll have to buy the meal, but veterans can wrap it up with a free Goo Goo Cluster Latte or double chocolate fudge Coca Cola cake for Veterans Day.

On the Border-The Mexican chain will offer a free ‘create-your-own’ combo meal to veterans, choosing any two items off of the combo menu, including tacos, empanadas, and enchiladas, on Nov. 11.

Outback Steakhouse-Members with a valid military ID can get a free Bloomin’ Onion and beverage on the 11th. They’ll also always receive 10% off their entire check.

Red Robin-Show proof of service and you’ll get a free Red’s Tavern Double Burger and bottomless steak fries at the burger chain on Nov. 11.

Red Lobster-For Veterans Day, the seafood chain is offering either a free appetizer or desert on both Nov. 11 and 12 to anyone with a valid military ID or proof of service. Options include the lobster and langostino pizza and seafood-stuffed mushrooms, along with key lime pie and brownie overload.

Thank you and blessings to all of our United States Veterans!  Never Forget.

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It’s a scary proposition for someone who’s known primarily as a children’s book author, to publish writing for adults.  But that’s what I will be doing very soon. “Coffee Without A Cup” is my first e-offering on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  It’s not a novel, but rather a 6000 word Christian story about love and loss and healing.

All of us have lost someone close to us at one time or another. When that happens, there are people in our lives who step forward to help us through those very difficult times.  One of my trusted readers asked me if “Coffee Without A Cup” was also a love story.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.

From “Coffee Without A Cup”:

He looked into my eyes with his warm caring ones and said, “Janie, the love we have for other people continues on. We may lose people, but the love they have shown us stays with us forever. Your parents may be in heaven now, but God will send other people who will step forward to provide the love and support you need. You have to be able to accept that love and help.” Perhaps Tom Yeager was one of those people my grandfather was talking about that day?

Look for “Coffee Without A Cup” by Thanksgiving of 2018!

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A few days ago, my husband and I were driving home from somewhere when a black cat ran across the road in front of our car. He said, “It has some white on it so we are safe.” I asked him if he was superstitious and we both laughed, but that got me thinking about all the superstitions I heard about when I was growing up.

Some of those were things that were considered unlucky to do such as: walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella inside, putting your shoes on the table, breaking a mirror (seven years bad luck), breaking a chain letter, hanging a horseshoe upside down, knocking a salt shaker over, having a bird fly into your house or an owl fly over your house.

A superstitious person is defined as one who believes in irrational beliefs that do not have grounds in logic and reason in our physical world. An example of this would be us thinking we were going to have bad luck because a black cat ran in front of our car.

Other superstitions I heard about as a child were that the number 13 was unlucky, and Friday the 13th could be a very unlucky and bad day. I’m not alone because many people stay home on Friday the 13th so as not to tempt fate. Hotels and skyscrapers usually do not have a 13th floor, and table 13 is missing in most restaurants.

Singer Taylor Swift has done a lot to change the image of the number 13. She was born on December 13th and considers 13 to be her lucky number. She paints the number 13 on her hand before every show for good luck. When asked about 13 being her lucky number, Swift said, “My first album went gold in 13 weeks. Every time I’ve won an award I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter.”

Knocking on wood, or touching wood for luck is another superstition that I grew up with. If you talk about your good fortune or something you intend to do, it’s considered good luck to knock on wood for luck or perhaps to ward off any bad luck.

We’ve all heard that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony. At the wedding of a friend’s daughter a couple of years ago, there was the sweetest scene and nod to this superstition. Before the beautiful outdoor ceremony, the bride and groom stood on either side of the corner of the bride’s tent where they couldn’t see one another. They held hands around the corner as they each read the loving words they had written to one another for their wedding day.

As a child, I used to hear that deaths and bad luck both come in threes. I’ve actually heard that one throughout my life from many other people. Because I’ve heard it so often, whenever I hear of someone dying, I automatically think there will be two more deaths. I didn’t think I was, but I guess I am a little superstitious.

For good luck, people used to carry a lucky rabbit’s foot. I haven’t seen this for a really long time, but I used to think that carrying the dyed foot of a dead rabbit was kind of gross.

When I was growing up, my mother always gave my brothers and me a shiny new penny on New Year’s Eve for good luck in the new year. I continued this tradition with my own children. In the southern part of the United States, people eat black-eyed peas for good luck in the new year. I’ve actually adopted this practice during my nine years of living in Texas.

We’ve all probably picked up a penny from the ground for good luck. If it’s not heads up, I always turn it over for the next person. Other common symbols of good luck are finding a 4-leaf clover, seeing a shooting star, the number 7, and seeing ladybugs.

Some people think that more spiritual good luck signs are seeing a rainbow as a symbol of hope, and seeing small white feathers which can mean that angels are around us.

Whether we actually believe in superstitions or not, some of them are just simply fun to think about and do! What superstitions have you heard of or practiced in your life?

Author’s note: We’ve already had our Friday the 13th days for 2018. They fell on April 13th and July 13th. The next one won’t be until Friday, September 13, 2019.

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I was sorry to hear that the Sears Company filed for bankruptcy this week because it holds a special place in my heart. As a girl, I remember accompanying my parents and grandparents to Sears whenever they needed a new appliance or any kind of a tool. Many a time I heard, “You can always count on the quality of Sears Kenmore Appliances and Craftsman tools.”

My little brother, Jeff, wore the Sears Toughskins Jeans because he was hard on clothes and they held up better than the other brands. While my mom would have my brother try on pants, I would sit outside the fitting rooms reading a book.

Every fall, Jeff and I used to watch for the Sears Catalog to arrive in the mail. When the big wish book finally arrived, we would lie next to one another on the living room shag carpet, turning page after page together and dreaming about what we might receive for Christmas that year. Later, when I had children of my own, they too loved looking through the Sears Christmas Wish Book and dogearing the pages with the toys they hoped to receive that year.

When I graduated from college, Sears was the first store to give me a credit card. I think I did all of my Christmas shopping there that year! My first washer and dryer also came from Sears.

Sears was started in 1886 by Richard Warren Sears as a watch and jewelry company. He had been a railway agent in Minnesota but decided he’d rather be in the watch business. He moved the R.W. Sears Watch Company to Chicago and hired a business partner named Alvah Curtis Roebuck who was a watchmaker.

Richard Warren Sears

Alvah Curtis Roebuck

Within 10 years, his business was called Sears, Roebuck & Company and its small watch and jewelry catalog grew to a 530-page book selling everything from clothing and shoes to bicycles and buggies. At one point, they even sold kits for building houses and many Sears homes are still standing today.

The first Sears brick and mortar store opened in February of 1925 and had a soda fountain and an optical shop. Over the years, Sears opened hundreds of stores across the country, usually as anchor stores in malls.

In 1973, the corporate headquarters was moved into the 110 story Sears Tower in downtown Chicago. It was the tallest building in the world for the next two decades. Since then, it’s been renamed the Willis Tower but many local Chicagoans still call it the Sears Tower.  One day when I was in my 30’s, I rode to the top of the Sears Tower with both of my younger brothers.

As discount stores like Walmart and Target came on the scene, people stopped going to malls as often and people didn’t shop at Sears as they had in the past. Big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot that sold appliances also contributed to the decline of Sears because consumers had other good options.

In recent years, Sears has tried closing non-profitable stores, opening smaller stores, ending their catalog business, bought the K-Mart Chain, offering curbside pickup for online orders, and selling Kenmore appliances through Amazon. Sadly, these efforts couldn’t make up for the losses.

While Sears has filed for bankruptcy, they aren’t going out of business entirely. They plan to close nearly 200 Sears and K-Mart Stores by the end of this year. Sadly, one of those is the store nearest to me in Denton, Texas. Sears will try to stay in business with a fraction of their more profitable stores still open across the country. I for one, hope they can find ways to appeal to American shoppers again!

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Yesterday, was the third annual “Indie Author Day.” This is a day for libraries, stores, and literary organizations around the world to welcome and honor local independent authors and writers for their contributions to the writing world. Many places hosted a day of education, networking, writing, panel discussions, mingling and book signings.

If you aren’t sure what an “indie author” is, it’s an author who does not publish their books through a traditional publisher. The indie author is truly independent and has creative control of their work from concept to completion and beyond.

Some might think the indie author is just that because they cannot find a real publisher. While that may be true for some indie authors, it isn’t always the case. I know many indie authors who have had one or more books published by traditional publishers, but opted to self-publish some of their other works.

For most of us, being an indie author is about having creative control over the finished product, our books. I was offered a contract for my first book, “The Button Box.” As I read through the contract, I realized that I would be handing over my words and would have no say whatsoever about the illustrator or how the illustrations would look, the cover, the size of book, or even the way it would be edited. On occasion, I’ve wondered how my books might have turned out if I had sold my stories to a publishing company.

I did talk with the publisher and ask if there was any way I could be a part of the decision making for the look of the book. When they said that wouldn’t be possible, I turned down the contract and never looked back. I established my own company, Walk Down The Lane Publishing, and never even considered submitting my second and third books to publishers.

There are definitely times when I would love to have some help marketing my books. But my understanding is that even when one works with a traditional publisher, a certain amount of the marketing responsibility still falls upon the shoulders of the author.

Indie authors also pay for their own book publishing. I have several author friends who have had to take out big loans to fund their books, and many indie authors also work a day job just to pay the bills.

Most indie authors self-publish because they have a passion for writing and they want to share their books with the world. They write for the pure love of words, writing and stories. As the holiday shopping season begins, I hope you will consider the wonderful books by your local indie authors as gifts this year.

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My husband and I just returned this evening from a 2200-mile car trip which we drove over the last five days. The purpose of the trip was to meet our new granddaughter who lives in Indianapolis and is just three weeks old.

Little Hallie Corinne made her appearance on September 15th and is almost exactly two years younger than her older brother, Graham. As you can imagine, we were over the moon to finally get to meet Hallie, and to see both of our grandchildren…as well as their parents!

Since I was going to be in Indiana, the folks at Das Dutchman Essenhaus Gift Shop in Middlebury asked if I would like to have a book signing there while I was visiting from Texas. The Essenhaus Gift Shop is very special to me, because it was the first store to carry my first book, “The Button Box.” Since that day in October of 2014, they have carried and sold many copies of all three of my books. I was delighted to be asked back for a third signing in their wonderful store!

It was a fun morning spent talking with people about my stories and signing books.  I was surprised over and over again by family members and friends who came by to say “hello” and to get a copy of my books.  One of my surprise visitors was my author friend, Donna Frisinger, who brought by a copy of her new book, “A Transistor Christmas” for me to see.  The illustrator is an artist named Vicki Guess!

We usually make the driving trip from Texas to Indiana once or twice a year, and one of the things I most enjoy, is watching for the different landmarks along the way. My very favorite landmark on the trip is the Effingham Cross. The first time I ever saw the Cross, I thought how odd it was that this very large, but simple symbol of Christianity, stood alone in the middle of one of the flyover states.

Called the “Cross at the Crossroads” in Effingham, Illinois, the Cross is located near the intersection of Interstates 57 and 70. It’s estimated that 20 million travelers pass by the Cross every year.

The Cross stands at 198 feet tall and 113 feet wide, and is the largest one in America. (The next largest is the Groom Cross which sits along I-40 in Groom, Texas and is 190 feet tall and 110 feet wide.) The builders of the Cross made sure it was under 200 feet tall because FAA regulations would have required a light on top if it were 200 feet or higher.


The Effingham Cross at the Crossroads was built in 2001 and is made of 180 tons of steel which is covered by a thick layer of cement. It’s visible up to 20 miles away and is illuminated at night. For me, it’s always a familiar, beautiful, and welcome sight. If you’re ever traveling near Effingham, Illinois, I encourage you to take a look for yourself!

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As a writer and an author, one of the best things I get to do, is to go back home to do book signings. For me, home is Elkhart, Indiana, the city of my birth and where I grew up. Many of the places that shaped my writing and the settings for my stories, are in Elkhart. This week, I will have the privilege of doing three book signings in and around my hometown.

The Elkhart Public Library at 300 South Second Street, was a place where I spent a lot of time during my formative years and I also did a lot of writing there. I regularly checked out stacks of books and discovered many of the stories that remain my favorites to this day…Charlotte’s Webb, Black Beauty, Heidi, Little Women, Wuthering Heights, Gone With The Wind, Rebecca, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Old Man and the Sea, and anything by William Faulkner.

Since I grew up before the days of personal computers, all of my research for papers and articles was done at either my school library, or at the Elkhart Public Library. To this day, I still remember how kind and helpful the librarian always was to me. When I lived in Elkhart, there was only the one public library location. Today, there are multiple locations and they all have my books in their collections.

Because books played such a huge role in shaping my young mind and world view, it’s very important for me to promote reading and the love of books. I want children to love stories and books as much as I did and to understand that books can take them places where they may never be able to physically go. To that end, I often donate both my time and books to libraries and literacy programs across the country.

The house where I grew up and first discovered the buttons in my family’s button box is still there. It’s on Country Road 17 and isn’t nearly as rural as it was when I was young. Another family lives there and is filling it with memories now. Perhaps they have a button box like the one that inspired my first book, The Button Box.

My grandparent’s farm, which is the setting for my second book, Which Came First?, is located just outside of Elkhart. The old farmhouse and the barn are gone now, but the overgrown apple orchard and the lane that led to the back pasture, are still visible. I hope to visit the old farm while I’m in town.

If you’re in the area and have time, I’d love for you to stop by one of the signings and let me tell you about my books. I’ll be in town on Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th. Here are the places you can find me:

*Friday, October 5th from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.-private reading and signing at the Village at Arborwood Retirement Community in Granger

*Friday, October 5th from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.-book signing at B on the River, 333 Nibco Pkwy in Elkhart

*Saturday, October 6th from 9:00 a.m. to noon-book signing at the Das Dutchman Essenhaus Gift Shop in Middlebury

And while I’m in Indiana, I will have the pleasure of meeting this little love who joined our family on September 15, 2018! Hallie Corinne Sever is two weeks old. I’m excited to meet her for the first time and to get to visit with her big brother, Graham, and their mom and dad!


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Around 8:30 Saturday night, my husband and I drove through the rain to Dallas Love Field to welcome home the WWII Veterans on Honor Flight #39. We each had a small flag in hand and as we walked into the airport terminal, we spotted other groups carrying flags, balloons, and homemade signs as they headed to the second floor.

The flight wasn’t due in until 9:30, so we had plenty of time to chat with many of the other folks who had gathered to welcome the flight back to Dallas-Fort Worth. Some had family members on the flight…husbands, fathers, grandfathers, guardians, medical personnel…and others were veterans themselves who simply came in support of the program.

People were pretty calm until a volunteer announced that the WWII Veterans were on their way to our hallway. As the members of Honor Flight #39 reached us, the excitement level in the room went sky high!

If you aren’t familiar with the Honor Flight Program, it’s a national network of volunteers established for the purpose of getting as many WWII Veterans as possible to Washington D.C. to view the World War II Memorial.  The Honor Flight Organization provides a 36 hour, overnight, all-expense paid trip for the veterans to visit not just the WWII Memorial, but also the Korean, Vietnam, Marine (Iwo Jima), Navy, and Air Force Memorials as well as Arlington Cemetery.

Each veteran is accompanied by a volunteer guardian who travels with them to ensure their safety and comfort. There is required training for the guardians and also a fee they must pay. Spouses are not allowed to be a guardian, so many veterans are accompanied by children or friends.

If a veteran doesn’t have a family member or friend who can go with them, there are a number of volunteer guardians who will step in.  The veterans wear blue shirts and the guardians wear red ones during the trip.

The idea for the first Honor Flight came from Earl Morse, who was a physician’s assistant and a pilot from Springfield, Ohio. After the National World War II Memorial was completed in 2004, Morse realized that many of his older patients would not be able to travel to Washington D.C. to visit their memorial.  So, Morse, the son of a Korean and Vietnam War veteran, pitched his idea of flying the veterans to see the WWII Memorial, to local pilots. By January of 2005, a board was formed, funds were raised, and other volunteers had joined the effort.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, an estimated 640 WWII Veterans die each day. The Honor Flight Network has grown very quickly in communities across the country to get as many WWII Veterans as possible to Washington D.C.

2012 Honor Flight Documentary

Honor Flight DFW was established in September 2008 to bring the program to WWII Veterans in the Dallas/Ft Worth/North Texas area. The first Honor Flight from DFW departed in 2009. Since then, Honor Flight DFW has flown over 1100 WWII veterans to Washington, DC.

By the time the veterans on Honor Flight #39 had deplaned and began walking toward us Saturday night, at least 200 people had gathered to welcome them back. We felt so proud to be Americans as we joined the others who were clapping and cheering and honoring our WWII Veterans.

Among the WWII Veterans on Honor Flight #39, was James Leavelle. Leavelle was the homicide detective who was escorting Lee Harvey Oswald through the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters in 1963 when Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby.  Mr. Leavelle was in a wheelchair that was being pushed by his Honor Flight Guardian. He had his white cowboy hat on his lap.

Welcoming home the Honor Flight Veterans was an incredibly moving experience that I will never forget.  It was a privilege to be a part of the group at the airport Saturday night.

If you live in the DFW area and would like to welcome home an Honor Flight,  there will be one more flight this year.  Check for more information.  In other parts of the country, you can search for “Honor Flights near you.”

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One evening last week, my 80-year-old dad called and asked if I would meet him Saturday morning at a local funeral home.

“Well, yes, but is there something you haven’t told me?”

Dad said that he had called around to different funeral homes about pre-planning his and mom’s funerals, and he had chosen one and set up a meeting. He said he had been thinking about taking care of the plans for a while to make things easier down the road and he wanted me to go with him. So, we arranged to meet Saturday morning at 10:30.

Coincidentally, Saturday was also the due date for my second grandchild…and my first granddaughter…who was soon to be born to my son and daughter-in-law in Indianapolis.

At 3:00 in the morning on Saturday I awoke from a sound sleep and I didn’t know why. I laid in bed awake for a while, and then dozed off again until about 6:00. As I was getting my second cup of coffee around 7:00, I heard a new text message come through on my phone. It was my son saying my daughter-in-law had gone into labor in the night (around 3:00 a.m.) and they were at the hospital waiting and timing her contractions. He said things were progressing pretty quickly.

While I showered and got ready to leave the house, I thought about the juxtaposition of waiting to hear of the birth of my second grandchild on the same day that I was meeting my dad to help plan my parents’ funerals. When I was a girl, my maternal grandmother would always say, “Old ones die and new ones are born.” At the time, I used to think, well of course; how obvious! But Saturday morning, and all these years later, I realized that she had been talking about the circle of life and how it just continues on.

As I climbed into the car to leave to meet my dad, my phone went off again. It was my son, Ryan, saying that little Hallie Corinne had arrived and both mom and baby were doing great. He said he would call me shortly.

When I arrived at the funeral home, I hugged my dad and said, “You have a new great-granddaughter.”

Hallie Corinne, the new little one whose arrival has brought much joy to our family!

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