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4 thoughts on “A Rose Colored View Of Depression Glass”

  1. What a fascinating post! I love depression glass, although I don’t personally own any of the original pieces. Pink is my favorite!!

  2. Janet,
    I just love this post!
    For many years I kept all my grandmother’s depression glass that I had and still have several pieces.
    Ken’s mother and sister had tons of ” pink cabbage rose” .
    I kept it for a while, but later sold it at auctions, as I didn’t have room for it.
    I do however, have what they call vaseline glass,which was also made during the depression. It glows in the dark with a black light and looks bright green, but during the day it looks light yellow like vaseline! 🙂
    I have many wonderful memories that come back when I read all your post. Thank you for taking the time to write these with such grace~ You are a treasure in itself~ Blessings~

  3. Loved this story. My grandmother and aunts had depression glass all over the place but I never knew the history.

  4. We just love your posts! Your writing style lets young and old feel like they are right there with you .
    I have 3 of your same pieces. My mother remembers one coming from the gas station give away, another in a big bag of flour.

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